I am amazed and appreciative at how you took us from relative beginners, introducing exercising in quantities and at levels where we would succeed (feeling improvement in our lives and motivating us to want more), and have planned and guided our progression by adding variety and complexity to match our increasing strength, stamina and abilities.
— Kyle, Personal Training Client

Jo is super encouraging during workouts and honestly wants the best for all her clients. She will uncover your goals, push you towards them, and support you all the way.
— Amber, Personal Training

There’s no one you want on your side more than Jo! She’s an encourager, very knowledgeable and extremely passionate about health and fitness!
— MIchelle, Fitness Profressional

Simply Natural Fitness has helped inspire a sense of health into my everyday life. Jo has guided me to be a stronger runner with different programs but also has invested in my wellbeing.
— Lucy, Runner

We both lost over 40 lbs in less than a year...I have gone from a size 12-14 to a 2-4. This fall we were both able to ride our bikes for over 10 miles through hills...We did not really plateau and found we craved unhealthy foods less, and were normally more satisfied.
— Judy, Nutrition

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— Matt, Coconut Grove Run Community