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Online Nutrition Seminar

November 12-15


Nutrition is essential to our health. It's what allows us to actually experience change in the way our body functions and looks. It can affect our hormones, stress levels, mood, energy, performance, brain function, and so much more. It's also a part of our culture, our families, our enjoyment, and even our values. 

Have you ever wanted a good starting place? Have you ever been curious what type foods you should be looking for? Have you ever wanted to learn some tasty recipes that are simple and easy to make in your own home? Have you wanted to know what staples to keep in your house?


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• Kitchen Staples: What to keep at home
• Importance of sources
• What a meal should look like
• How to set yourself up for success-Meal Planning/Prep


• Stress Management
• Recipes
• Brunch Recipes
• How to move forward-baby steps


Location & Rates

Location: Online

When: November 12-15 (4 day seminar)

Rates: $45.00 



Engaging seminar with Q&A. Then served with take home recipes and a brunch of healthy choice foods. Coffee and tea will be served. 

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You can cancel up to 7 days prior to the event with a full refund. Since we have limited spots refunds will not be distributed after 7 days prior to the event.