People, God, and Love

December 2016

It's been a while. Life has been full and we've been just enjoying the time over the holidays and time in Miami. I wish I had been better about keeping up with this, but between the holidays, expanding my business, Miami Church, and preparing for the marathon my mind has been else where. 

Honestly, time is so full of ups and downs. Oh man. I'm such a mess. :) 

The marathon went fantastic I can't believe I ran such a good race. God is good. The hard work and training paid off and I was on cloud-9 the rest of the week. But I'll talk more about that in a post on Simply Natural. Thanksgiving was incredible. My grandparents house is literally like my favorite place on earth. I have so many good memories there with all my family. It was so sweet to have Rusty there to experience such a fond place of mine. On top of that my cousin, Levi, surprised us by coming at last minute. It filled my soul to be with all my family. 

When we got back to Miami, I was in a bit of a funk. Part of me had spent so much time preparing for this race that once it was over I was like, "what's next?" Also, I think coming back from such an amazing week with my family left me feeling a little lethargic getting back into the grind. To top it off my schedule was weird and I had a little too much time to twiddle my fingers. For me, sitting still is hard and when I have too much time, it's not a good thing-I can seriously just sit and think for hours. I love that part of me, but it also can get me into trouble-too much of it and my mind wonders to not always positive thoughts (it's one reason I like staying busy and moving, I can channel my thoughts a little better). 

Things are going so well at the church. Miami Church is growing and we are seeing people encounter Jesus. When I think about this it always makes me pause and be grateful for being in Miami. We really are seeing lives changed. Goodness there are some people I have met that my heart just melts for and I think about them and almost want to cry because I care so much about them and I want them to encounter God. I know it's not me who changes them, but I sure as heck pray that God will. It's also softened my heart in so many ways. I see the brokenness of man like I never have before. We all have our stories, we all struggle and we are just all in need of a savior. You're heart softens when you meet people of different backgrounds and ways of life and you see them as God does, "broken humans in need of saving." Don't get me wrong I see these people as strong, beautiful and just as God made them, but I also hear the real side of their lives. They share why they have turned from God. Many people have been scarred by the church. That breaks my heart. But you also see how much these people care for others. They love deeply and passionately, something many of us who do follow God could take some advice from. And this may sound strange, but I feel the honesty of all of those I have met here has relieved me of so much stress and disappointment of my own life. They love me and the fact we all share our struggles makes us all feel a little more human. 

This last Sunday was awesome. One of my favorites. It was our first Christmas service this year. The music was FANTASTIC as always. We had carolers start off the service. Greg spoke a powerful message on wonder. It made me feel confident in my "dreamerness". It challenged me, yet encouraged me. And everyone was so enthusiastic. In fact, there was a sweet man who I have been praying for. He's around 70 and been in and out of church his whole life. He said "I have never been to a church like this before. The culture here is amazing, you can't create this. It's so authentic." This was awesome and it touched my heart. He saw Jesus whether he knew it or not. What was different was the love of Jesus that filled that room Sunday morning. And I have to take a moment to brag on my husband. We were brought here for a reason and God is using Rusty in powerful ways through Miami Church. I can't tell you how many times I have people come up to me and say "I LOVE Rusty!" It's true, it's not just because he's a good musician, but God's love is radiating through him. You see Rusty's passion for the Lord most when he leads in worship. I'm so proud of him and how he is growing and leading with Greg at Miami Church. 

Guys, this is why we are here. Every heart and every soul matters. Including yours. I'm learning that in the process. I am learning more about God and more about myself. It seems many of these posts come after an emotional experience-many times tears, but I feel that's when I'm learning most. It's often irritating because I feel like when I cry that's when God speaks really clearly because in order to stop I have to filter out all the lies of Satan and fill my heart and mind with truth. God is good, he works in strange ways, but he is good. 

Be on the look out. My heart has been stirring and my mind has been going. I want to do something, something big. I want to share God's love on a grand scale because I believe in his love SOOO much. And I truly believe God sent his only Son to save the WORLD. So stay in touch. Keep looking and share posts I share. Because #WorthyOfLove is about to flood my newsfeed and social media outlets. Everyone deserves love. Everyone is loved. Everyone is made to be Worthy of Love.

With love and prayers.

Jo and Rusty 

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