Embracing the Journey

February 13, 2016

I have to take a moment and reflect. My heart was so humbled by the responses I received from my last post. Deep breath and big sigh. What a warming and touching time. I was so blessed to see so many people reach out. I had friends who messaged me and were so open and honest in sharing their battle with me. How relieving and humbling it is to know so many people have and are struggling with anxiety and depression. It is so real and I think it has been long overlooked as a real struggle and extremely hard one. It's so scary because it's all inside your head. The only ones that really know is going on is you and God. But how encouraging it has been to know WE are NOT ALONE. God is with us and so are his fellow believers. People know you struggle, because they do too. I even had some message me and tell me she and her husband spent in hour in prayer over Rusty and I--Now if that's not humbling I don't what is (I dont' even know her). 


If there's one cry of encouragement I have for any of you-it is be honest-be YOU. YOU are NOT ALONE. YOU are loved. Allow those around you to come by yourside and embrace the journey with you. It's not easy and it's not fun, but oh how freeing it is to rest in the grace of God. I have always struggled talking about me, I have hated sharing my feelings and for once in my life I have decided to embrace the journey and run from it. It's HARD. But AMAZING. Never in my life have I seen God work miracles as he has in this season. Never more have I been so humbled and encouraged by the grace of his followers coming along side of us and showing us HIS LOVE. There is so much freedom found in Christ. Honestly, most days I still don't understand it. I wrestle with it. It's so beyond my understanding, but it is so sweet. We have such a great God who loves us so deeply. We don't have to clean up our acts to come before him, we get to come just as we are and REST in his presence. He takes up our broken hearts and bodies and hugs us richly in his arms. It's a time when you feel the most helpless, but then have the humbling realization of our humanity and our weakness-that HE is truly all we need. We can't do it. We need him and best yet, he is there just waiting for us to wake up and see him standing right in front of us. The quote that has stuck with me so much during this season is 


"It's okay not to be okay."


We are not perfect nor are we expected to be. We are made beautifully made in the image of God, just as we are. Failure will come, struggles are real. But what is beautiful is that it's okay. It's not about our circumstances or our past, but it's about what we can do today. It's about abiding in the precious love and truth of Christ and knowing that we are in desperate need of Him. He is always holding on and never letting go. He doesn't change even when our circumstances or emotions do. He is faithful. Know it's okay to fail, you can get back up. There is such freedom in failure too. Freedom to know you don't have to be perfect, you don't have to have it all together. You are merely human-that's good. In fact, it's just how we are made. YOU ARE LOVED! God loves YOU despited your imperfection because of your imperfection. Embrace it, share it. It's oh so lovely, just like you. 


With love, truth, grace and freedom. Christ has got you.

Jo ButlerComment