Chase your dreams!

Yesterday I got to go on a run. A long relaxing run. 14 miles. It’s the longest I’ve gone post marathon and it felt so good. I was so encouraged. My long runs are when I dream. I don’t know, there’s something about hitting the road and taking a deep breath and just letting your mind wander. Yesterday I had my headphones in and listened to some Bethel music. Haha many of you may be judging me a little right now-it’s a little bit of different workout music (and that’s only if you’ve ever even heard of them). But to me, it’s my favorite music to run to. I get to listen to truth for 2 hours and it’s always on runs like this that I end up inspired and come up with new ideas.

Some of my best ideas have happened while I was running, for example, Coconut Grove Run Community. Yup, thought of that on a long run. Starting my own business, yup on a run. It’s runs like this that I let my mind wander and dream. It’s often when ideas are most clear in my head and honestly when I think the clearest. Yesterday I had a bit of a broader idea, one that hit hard and knocked me back to reality.

I ask my clients what their goals are. They then have to make daily choices to reach them right? It doesn’t happen overnight, but they have to make conscious decisions everyday to make change to last a lifetime. I mean let’s be real, if you want to lose weight you can’t continue to eat a whole chocolate cake at night and expect different results. Whatever their goals might be, there is effort and time that works towards those goals. Whether it’s to lose weight, play with their kids, or just feel healthier and stronger, it takes choices every single day.

Often people ask me what my dream job would be, often I respond with nutrition coaching with running coaching, but not exactly sure on what it looks like. I can’t really define what I dream of as a career, but I say something because I don’t know what else to do. But when I talk to Rusty about my dreams (we often don’t define it as a career), I can’t shut up. I talk about RUNNING: one day qualifying for the Olympic trials, about writing my own cookbook to help female runners/athletes cook tasty and nutritious foods to fuel their bodies, about helping young athletes avoid eating disorders and find confidence in being strong and healthy, about inspiring young women to chase their dreams and live full lives that involve community, friendships, laughs, joy, health, food, worth, and helping them find love and worth from a good God. I want to talk about mental health and how to fight disorders. I want to help people avoid what I struggled with. I want to be a professional runner. That’s what my dream career would be.




Okay, so it’s super unconventional, I know. But it’s also my passion and I believe it’s God given.

Yesterday it hit me hard. What am I doing to get me there?

Momma Slap.

Yes, I’m running and getting in my workouts. But what choices am I making to really make my dreams come true? I’m I talking with other runners? Am I looking for jobs that support my training? Am I prioritizing sleep? Am I really focusing on my nutrition? Am I eating enough or properly for recovery? Am I talking to people about it? Am I really thinking it’s possible? Am I stretching and recovering? Am I overtraining? Am I undertraining? Am I treating it like it’s a reality or imagination? Am I placing importance on my business in the right areas? Am I speaking out about mental disorders? Am I promoting myself and my business like I know I could? Or am I settling? Am I letting fear of the unknown dominate my decisions? Am I really pushing myself outside my comfort zone to achieve something great? Or settling with the average to just be average?

For most of my life I have always been good at things. Above average. But I know there is this little fire in me to do something great. Not just for my names sake, but because there is this drive. This unmistakable drive to not settle for comfortable or easy. There is this tinkling that God could use me in ways I can’t even comprehend. Not for my own glory. But for his. To show the world his goodness, his love, his perfection through my brokenness. Fear is not of God. Fear is Satan trying to tear us down and hold us back. Hey, we are all made with some unique purpose. For some that’s sitting down and organizing a business. For some that’s teaching a class of students. For some it’s counseling the brokenhearted. For some it’s a pastor. But when you find out what you’re made for, run with it. Don’t let fear keep you from something great. Embrace the person God made you to be-there’s that inkling inside your soul-follow it (as long as it’s not a bad inkling-use discernment). But remember, God created us because he loves us. He wants us to show this world who he is. He is love. And I will tell you from experience, I show love when I’m following in line with my God-given gifts a lot more than when I’m just settling for something that’s easy and comfortable. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a journey, a process, things don’t happen overnight and change is challenging. We have to make those choices everyday and sometimes we fail. That’s okay. There are seasons when we have to put something else first-our families, our finances, our health (mentally, physically, and emotionally). But I’m reminded that there are still things we can do to help us achieve our goals-not because we are of the utmost importance, but because when we love what we do, when we thrive in our environment, when we are healthy and strong, when our family is healthy and happy, we are happier and have so much more to give to world around us.

I so often use this in the realms of health, when you’re healthy everyone benefits. When you’re doing what you’re made for, everyone benefits, because you’re in this deep understand and peace that there is something much greater than you out there. There is a God who cares, but more importantly a way to show how his body works-every single part has a different function, but every single part is essential to make the whole body work. You were uniquely made so you can work as the part you were created for-you don’t have to try and fill someone else’s function-do your own and everything will work much better. Because I can tell you this eye is used to see and the nose is used to smell, the eye will never be able to smell things and the nose will never be able to see things. Use the gifts you were given so the body of Christ works as it was meant to work. I don’t have to have a 9-5 job to be successful or useful for the kingdom. I don’t have to make 50k a year to be success and have purpose. My purpose is to show the world God’s love and I’m going to do that the best way I know how, by using the gifts I’ve been given so I can relate to those who’ve been through similar things. So I can relate to all those female runners out there who know the pain of running 26.2 miles. So I can turn to those who struggle with depression and

anxiety and say-I’ve been there, work your ass off to fight it with everything you’ve got and run to people, run to truth. The world so often tells us what we should do, what we should look like, how we should perform, what we should wear. And so often we let our fears of what the world may think of us hold us back from who we were created to be. So today, 2 years after my overdose, I’m here to tell you: I’m scared. I’m not perfect. I will fail. But I am committing to be the woman of God I was created to be. I will take every season to learn from and at times those seasons will wear me down and tell me lies and hold me back, but I am going to run to my God and embrace what he has made true in my life.


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