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Holiday Nutrition Coaching
November 2018

Are you looking to kickstart your healthy eating habits? Are you looking for some simple recipes that are healthy and your kids will love? Do you know what to shop for? Come to our Holiday Nutrition Coaching to help you kickstart your kitchen for the holidays!

California International Marathon december 2018

CIM is the race Jo is using to try and qualify for the Olympic Trials. She needs a time of 2:45:00 to qualify and is hoping to be under! Keep following her for updates!

Fit and Lit Online Bootcamp  

Starting November 2018

Ready to get started on your fitness journey? Or are you just looking for some incentive and accountability? Do you have kids and have a hard time getting to the gym? Or are you just straight up afraid of the gym? Then I have a great solution for you! I am hosting an online bootcamp with all body weight exercises so you can do it straight from home without any equipment. Only 15 spots are available, so sign up today!



Nutrition is 80% of the work of our health. For most of us it's the hardest place to start. But did you know you don't have to have the perfect diet? You don't have to restrict yourselves from everything you love. You don't have to count calories or macros in order to be healthy and fit. You can find freedom to eat real foods to fuel your body so you can function and look its best. Simply Natural is committed to giving you the best habit based coaching techniques available today. Certified through Precision Nutrition, Simply Natural Fitness is helping people change their lives from the inside out. 



This is my passion. I've been running since I was in elementary school. I competed in high school cross country and track and was top on my team in college for the 5k. After I graduated I took some time off only to fall back in love with this sport. I am now a 4x Boston Qualifier working towards a qualifying time for the Olympic Trials and becoming pro. Whether you are looking to run your first 5k or a new personal record in the marathon I can help create a program just for your needs. There is so much more than just certain mileage to run: there's strength training, speed workouts, recovery and managing stress. All of these are components to my one-on-one training. 


Online Personal Training 

So you’re busy. You probably have a stressful schedule and either don’t have time to go to the gym or don’t want to. Let’s be real, we don’t all want to be around those crazy lifters who grunt and look at themselves in the mirror. You’re looking to lose a couple pounds, gain some energy, and build your confidence. Or you’re a super busy business woman looking to find something that fits her schedule without all the bull that some of these businesses are offering. We have a fit for you! We have monthly basic or premium plans to fit every lifestyle without breaking the bank or working out from a gym. You can do all of this from the comfort of your own home on your own schedule. Check out more below! 


Coconut Grove Run Community

We love our community. Coconut Grove is heart of Miami and we love our friends and neighbors. We wanted to create an environment that people of all stages of life, running, and fitness could enjoy. We love our team. We run Wednesday nights at 6:30 pm and Saturday mornings at 7:00 am. Wednesdays are our 3 mile nights-we have people from a walk-run to those who are running 7 minute miles and everything in between. Saturdays are our longer runs. We are training for the Miami half marathon and our runs range from 4-11 miles. We have seen people reach new PRs and run new distances. 


Start Your Journey!

If you are ready to start you health journey you can start today! You don't have to wait any longer to change your life. Whether you are trying to PR in your next race or just wanting to improve your health so you can play with your kids, Simply Natural Fitness is here for you. Start today and don't ever look back!